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Unfortunately, most of us don't plan for our futures or that of our children.  What most individuals dont know is its not as painful as it sounds.  Financial planning can make the difference between retiring comfortably at say, 62 (or earlier!) and, working well past retirement age out of necessity.  It can make the difference between sending your child(ren) to the college of their choice without undue financial burden and wonder whether or not youll be able to send your high school senior to college at all. 


These are just a couple of scenarios which can be avoided through financial planning.  As a CPA, I can advise you on how to avoid some of the financial burdens associated with some of lifes necessities and make the most of your money and investments.


Planning Your Childs College Education

Planning Retirement

401K Retirement Plans

Contributions to an  IRA

Roth vs. Traditional IRA

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