Checklist for Real Estate Rehab Projects

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Here's a simple method for tracking your financial information! 

1. You must track expenses for each individual property you are renovating. We recommend you keep these receipts in a folder or in an excel spreadsheet on a per property basis. 

2. All expenses in renovating & maintaining a property are NOT deductible until you SELL the investment. If you decide to convert to a rental property these costs will need to split out expenses between capital improvements, repairs, maintenance and utilities.

3. Supply the settlement statements for both the purchase and sale and provide any additional statements regarding any refinancing or construction loans applicable to the property.

4. If converted to rental property please see our Rental Property Checklist.

5. Items you need to keep track of on a PER property basis.

  - Settlements Statements for both the purchase and sale of the property.

  - All costs paid for remodeling the property including materials and labor.

  - All carrying costs including interest paid on loans, insurance and utilities.


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