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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

...that give you peace of mind, more profits with less headaches.

As a business owner/operator, you know the value of your time.  In an effort to free your time, maximize your profits and give you the peace of mind that your finances are taken care of, we offer a variety of Accounting and Bookkeeping services. 




  • Your accounting/bookkeeping system will be tailored to your business.  You can do it. We can do it for you or We can do it together.
  • Your accounting/bookkeeping and tax preparation costs are reduced.
  • You and/or your personnel will be free to produce profits for you.
  • We can provide you with proper, professional financial statements that will improve your business image for presenting to investors, banks, etc..
  • Help create and/or organize your financial records, in the event of an audit.


All Inclusive Bookkeeping/Payroll Services


Includes all aspects of Accounting/Bookkeeping


Initial business set-up


All data entries


All payroll calculations, including monthly on-line Federal

Tax Deposits and quarterly filings


Preparation of annual reports, including W-2 filings        


Preparation of monthly financial statements


One hour monthly consultation to discuss/review financials



Monthly Support


Initial business set-up and training of bookkeeping software


Assist client in preparing quarterly tax estimates 


Semi-Monthly payroll calculations


Calculate and E-mail Federal Tax Deposit information to client each month


All quarterly filings of Federal 941 forms and State Unemployment records


Annual W-2 filings, 940 Federal Unemployment filing


Check client data file monthly to ensure proper tracking of expenses


One hour monthly consultation to discuss/review financial records           


More Benefits!

Custom Designed Systems



A system you do yourself!  

We provide the set-up and training; you do the rest!


A system we can do for you! 

We do it all, freeing you up to operate your business!


A system we can do together! 

We customize a system that fits your needs!

Consider this...

The average small business owner spends over 10 hours personally each month on accounting or bookkeeping practices for the business.  If your average billing rate is $50 per hour for your service, you are spending $500 per month of your valuable time.  And, chances are, you are not getting the results you really want.  We can provide the services you need at a fraction of the cost, not to mention eliminating the aggravation.



Which of the following describes your business?


Steady and Stable or Growing Fast...


If your business is steady and stable or growing fast, congratulations!  However, is it possible you could be doing better, making more profits?


Hanging in There...


If youre just hanging in there, we can help you turn things around, FAST!


Brand New...


If your business is brand new, dont make the mistake of cutting corners when it comes to your businesses finances, which can make the difference between success and failure!

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These are the arrangements most requested, however, we will be happy to sit down with you and customize a service best suited for your needs.  Contact us for an initial consultation.


If you are having doubts about whether our services can help you, take a moment to take our Silent Quiz!